Japan is awesome

Back from my second home, and I'm having a post-holiday blues right about now.

TOKYO IS JUST TOO AWESOME. TOO. AWESOME. Managed to drag Mum all around Tokyo, poor her. But she's so cute she'd always say "I'm fine, jom" every time we ask her if her legs are still ok to walk around the city and hopping on trains day and night! God bless her.

I didn't realize how much I've missed the city until the night we reached the airport and the air of familiar-ness hit me.

And when I saw the guy. Gahh I miss him already :(

   I hit the jackpot, guys :")

I still have a few days to go before officially starting work next week, so currently Mr. Post-Holiday Blues and Mr. Flu are my new best friend.

And yesterday was our 7th anniversary, which isn't helping at all since I just came back and he's still 6 hours away from me.


Happy 7th anniversary baby, thank you for the last awesome 7 years :*
And here's for the years to come! LDR bring it on.


  1. mak ko pergi jugak keeeeeeeeeee..
    seronok la dia ek jumpe senget... mesti waku2 kalah ko haha

    1. of course takkan pegi sorg haha ;)

      seriously!! dia nervous kot nak jumpa senget -___-"



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