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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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early birthday present #2.

Since my birthday this year is in conjunction with my second year of working mark, I decided to get myself a little treat.

That comes in a form of a pair of best quality flats.

Been browsing the net looking for a pair of flats for a while now, since I started working and realized those heels just aren't practical if you're working in an environment where meeting rooms are at the end of the corridor or even in different blocks, and your superior room is not conveniently right beside yours; a pair of comfortable shoes is crucial for your sanity.  

Doesn't help that you have to take stairs sometimes when your colleagues decided they want to be healthy and fit and all "let's exercise and take the stairs!" and you decided you need to be healthy too by taking the stairs more frequently.

So when we were in Shinjuku, we brought Mum to Shinjuku's Isetan there just for the sake of it. I mean, we went to Takashimaya like a thousand times already and we remember the stores by heart (literally) so we figured this time it ought to be different.

Different it is. I found the flats I've been looking for.

The moment I saw and tried it on, I knew I wanted to have it. I mean, I'm not really a flats person (you can count flats I own by just using one finger) and I know I won't be wearing it regularly so it'd be my go-to flats whenever I feel like I need some break from the wedges and heels; but as far as flats go, I'd like some height on it even if it's that extra 1 cm espadrille compared to Ferragamo Varina flats. Tried a few Varinas on, but they gave me blisters to no end.

  The only one that doesn't give me blisters!

Asked the nice salesgirl for my size, and she brought one out for me. Tried it on and smiled to myself, about to give the girl my credit card.

Then he asked me,

"Do you really like it?"
"You really really like it?"
"Ok, consider it your birthday present this year"  

And he proceeded to the salesgirl to pay. I was like..who are you and what did you do to my boyfriend?!

Hehe. But now I'm thinking did I get so lucky.


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