the new guy.

So I know I've told you we have a new guy in the apartment, and this is to show you I wasn't lying.

We love him to bits I even took him to my bedroom. Hehe. Not many people have that privilege ok?!

Basically, I spend time with him the most in our house. My housemates come home really late everyday (like, what the hell are you guys doing so late in the office?? Me, on the other hand, reach office so early that I can't be bothered to stay there too long.) so it's always me and him in the evening and sometimes my other housemates when she comes home earlier than usual. (too many housemates in a sentence, I know. Bear with me.)

It's weird having a rabbit as a pet. Unlike kittens, they don't make noise at all; so you're left with nothing to communicate with them. This guy likes water and my work pants and my towel cause he chews on them ALL THE TIME. Whatever, as long as he doesn't chew me, I'm good.

Sighh. We love him so much, sometimes we even have to take turns to cuddle with him. Such a lucky guy.

Makes me wanna have a kitten even more :( 

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