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not our rezeki.

Right before last weekend kicked in, I received a grave news from my Mum - our house was broken into, and things were missing. Not to mention a broken back door with broken grills.

That happened in a pace of not even a week - the Saturday before that, someone broke into our house but my Mum and Lil Brother got home in time. As soon as Lil Bro got out of the car, he saw someone burst through the broken back door and off to the back lawn. His laptop and his backpack were missing. And 5 days later, the same thing happened again, and this time they managed to have a "tour" inside the house.

I am beyond pissed. The fact that it was a brand new laptop for Lil Bro since he started college, and his backpack contained all the school work and assignments and his student ID means he would have to deal with his college admin for the matter; drives me beyond mad. WHO WOULD BLOODY TAKE A KID'S ASSIGNMENT?

Laptop, I get. Jewelries, I get. Cash, I get. But I hate the fact that my Lil Bro had to go through all that.

For my Mum, she was calm but I know she's worried. She had to do police report, so police came to our house to take fingerprints "as a standard procedure" - but till now, we haven't received any (tolerably) good news. At all.

I am beyond disappointed.

But like my Mum said, "it's just not our rezeki". And deep down, I agree - however much I really hate the thief(s), I know I need to let it go. So I went home last weekend just so I could see for myself what happened and be at peace.

So we've fixed the back door, fixed the grill, changed the house keys. If it were my way, I'd have cameras installed - but my Mum said it's ridiculous lol. We have this big family farm behind our house - my Uncle actually owns it, and he planted all sorts of fruits, so it'd be kinda weird seeing them around our house in that camera.

But good news is, they didn't take my handbags!!! HAHAHA lol obviously these are stupid guys; when I went to my room, my most expensive bag was right on top of my drawer and guess what's missing? My over 5-year old MP3. Really. If you want to steal things to sell, at least do your homework first.

But really, I'm just thankful nothing happened to my family. No one was hurt, and that was good news enough for me. Though those police officers back in my neighborhood are going to love what I'm gonna write to NST.

*inhale, exhale*

Having said that, I pay extra attention to things now. Even when I'm back to my rented apartment, I'm being extra careful of where I put my things, the apartment door, the lock. I brought all most of my handbags to my apartment just so they're where I know is safe. Keeping loads of cash at home isn't a good idea either.

Really, you can't leave things to chance nowadays; what with all the horrible cases we read in newspapers in malls, etc. Thinking of going to the mall alone freaks me out now. Please be careful, girls.

But I'm glad I went home last weekend, because of this girl.

HAHA I love this shot.

She's growing up so fast now!! She knows when her Mum isn't around and she'll cry (loudly..), she knows when we're about to go out and she'll cry to make us take her along, she knows I'll lock my room door whenever she's around cause she really likes to play on my bed and mess it up. Pfftt.

But really, who has the heart to say no when her face was like that?? *points upwards* Sheesh.


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