my 1.30 am rant.

Finally watched it.

Housemate said she didn't get the whole story, so I spent my last Sunday re-watching the first and second Batman movies prior to watching this one. AND IT TRULY MAKES IT SO MUCH BETTER! If you're yet to drag your asses to the cinema for this, try having reruns of Batman just for the sake of satisfaction. Makes it soo much better.

Berbuka with a dear friend who I've not seen for quite some time, and we had long meaningful talk that night.

At Madam Kwan's.

This is a rant on relationships.

If there's one thing I couldn't accept in a relationship, it's cheating. It has always been that; I always thought it will be one thing I'll never forgive and my philosophy would be to be strong and not forgive and move on. But when it happens in real life (albeit not in my relationship) and I happen to witness it, I came to realize that it's never that easy. Forgive and stay? Not forgive and move on?

Easier said than done, woman.

I'm lucky to have never been cheated on; even my then relationships or current. (Or at least, none that I know of and was spared the hurt!) But I guess that's why I had never understood the pain; I thought letting go and moving on are easy. He cheated, surely you're thinking you must deserve better than that. Surely you want someone better. But truth is, sometimes love oversees all that. And that's when you thought forgiving is all there is.

I really don't get guys who cheat on their girlfriends. Flirting is inevitable sometimes; regardless in what form, but it still is distinguishable from cheating, right? What defines the boundary anyway? Does flirting permittable when they're in a relationship?

I believe that if you want to be with another person, then come clean. Don't leave relationships hanging, it's the worst thing you could do. Islam even gives the privilege to wives whose husbands take off and abandon them to break free from the marriage tie, meaning they have the right to deserve someone better.

I've had occasions when I was accused of cheating; and it was actually based on me replying messages of someone I thought of as a friend. But what they didn't know is, my other half knew about it. So is that considered cheating? I think not. But different people have different opinions, and we can't live to everyone's expectation.

But one thing I know is, if I ever came across a guy cheating on one of my friends, I won't hesitate to punch him in the face.

And this is officially a 1.30 am rant on relationships.

P/S : Guys who spend 89% of their time correcting the girlfriends' grammar are annoying, too. Just for the record.


  1. girls are forgivable like that. thus, the reason why God chose us to be mothers, not men for our awesome ability to forgive. hehe!

    i totally understand being in a relationship where the other half decided that it's ok to cheat. but too bad, i only knew about them after the relationship ended, which actually puts more salts to the wounds. what to say, women can be way better than any private detective when it comes to dig for their ex's (dirty) secrets. hehe!

    sorry, couldn't help but to share my story here :P but i pray may your relationship end beautifully & without any heartbreak/headache i.e marriage! amin :)

    1. whoa. you have my respect :) thank you for giving us hope that we women are tougher than we look! and couldn't agree more on the "better than any private detective" cause yes, we dig deep. hehe.

      thank you for your kind words. don't worry everything's fine hehe insyaAllah, Aminnn :)

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    1. just sharing something I learned from a friend. insyaAllah everything's ok! don't worry :)



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