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property hunting : the first timer.

I followed my colleague today to look at properties she had her eyes on; she's been looking at houses and condos since last few months and this is basically my first time visiting the real-estate office.

My goodness, if I knew property hunting is this FUN, I'd have started it months ago.

Well maybe not since I've just started work..but still.

I fell in love with property we looked at today at the first glance. I saw the ad, I saw the price (of course, the first thing you should check), I saw the neighborhood, I saw the facilities in the property (it's a condominium), I saw the freaking infinity pool.

OMG, I can see myself swimming in that freaking big pool already.

And it doesn't help that the showroom is so nice you ended up asking the agent where on earth did they get all the furnitures from.
Until my colleague showed me the price again, and the Earth called me back. 

I know even how much the property amazed me, I still have to consider the finance first. Whether I can see myself paying the deposit first or not. Whether I can wait 4 years for the construction to finish or not. Whether I can live in the residence area or not. Whether I can see myself committed to paying a load of money on that property or not.

Of course, there's also the Mr. to think about. Sheesh.

We've discussed about it before, but I realized there are so many things to be taken into perspective other than just the two of us - the traffic, the townhood, safety of the environment, and so on. I fell in love with the property so much I feel like paying the real-estate agent the booking money already - but deep down logic-wise, I know I still have so many things to think about.

People can pressure you to buy property like RIGHT NOW (bet you hear it all the time) - "buy now while it's still cheap!" "the price will be double 2 years from now, you know, and 2 years is not that long" - but it's you who are going to live with it for the rest of your life.

So be careful. Discuss with those important to you; and don't just look at one area, open your perspective to other areas too. Picture yourself living in it (which I find not really helpful in my case, I can totally picture it damnit! Now I'm going to see it even in my dreams.) and last but most importantly, think of it financial-wise; would it be worth it?

I'd be contented with just this in my new house, thanks.

The property even have jacuzzi and sky lounge, for God's sake. OF COURSE freaking worth it.


  1. Where's the property? Sometimes, when buying property, u can think for too long coz u'll end up nt buying n the price will increase no matter what.. Bile nk visit my hse? Hehe..

    1. I agree! My dad ended up looking around at 5 properties..haha..tamak

    2. @Hana : haha finallyy a tip from an experienced buyer! :D definitelyy want wantt..set the date lah nanti, I'm on :) can't wait to see your house!

      @Nina : did he buy all 5?? Haha lol. I'd like to join in one of the trips, thanks. Nothing excites me more than looking at gorgeous houses hehe.


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