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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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food galore last week.

Ok just wanna share with you the awesome food I had last weekend.

(you know you don't deserve the blogger title when you blog about last weekend on the next weekend's Saturday.)

Ok this isn't mine, I'm cheating here. This is Vern's salmon, and according to her the salmon is a bit overcooked. But it looks so good nonetheless! I'm a sucker for the exterior, I just realized. Hehe.

Fried chicken chop.

Banana strawberry drink.

Grilled chicken chop!! Drools. I tried to gobble down the veggies (considering I'm sure each of them worth as much as the chicken itself) but I'm no true believer of green healthy things, Vern helped me finished some of them. I foresee a lot of being-healthy-lectures from her at the office from now on.

We had these at The Garden, Alamanda. I swear, it's my official favorite dine place now. Check out the interior of the place!

I love all the furnitures, I feel like going up to the waiters and ask him where they get them from. So vintage, I love.

And I'm proud to announce that I finally get to cook dinner after work sometime last week! Usually by the time I reach home it'd be so late already to cook dinner so I'd rather buy, but I just miss cooking so much. Those days in Japan were definitely the most memorable phase in my life; and I started learning to cook by myself there. Regardless whether my housemate likes the dishes or not. Hehe.

Ok fineee it's a simple dish, but proper enough for me. Some days I even have burgers for dinner ok? Welcome to working life.

And latest update : I've developed a chocolate phase now, I'm so scared for my thigh. And belly. I think it's all because of the Palmer's Cocoa Butter, I smell like chocolate all the time!

Or maybe it's just the time of the month.


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