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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

the unplanned trip.

Having breakfast at MAEPS with housemates and housemates' friends :

"This nasi lemak is so good!!"
"My boss much..I hate him..everyone hates him"
"I don't feel so good.."
"Where's the waiter, who bloody took my chair??"

Later, in the car on the way home :

"Don't know what to do today..boringg.."
"Hey guys, wanna go to Malacca???"

And that's how we came to the decision of spending last Saturday touring Malacca. Hehe.

It's been years since I last saw Malacca, and it's ridiculous cause it's my favorite city. I love the historic sites, I love the food, I love the tourist scenes, I love the souvenir shops!

 Meet, the housemates :)

 On top of Taming Sari Tower

 Overlooking the Straits of Malacca.

We even managed to stay till night and experience the famous Jonker Walk. Which I preferably won't ever want to experience again without having able to drag someone along to carry me on his back cause my feet have never been so tired.

There were so many people in this restaurant, I wonder why.

And the highlight of the trip.
That's right. Malacca has a HRC now!! I never thought I'd be at any HRC other than Japan's. Tokyo, Yokohama, Seoul, Fukuoka, MELAKA!

We went in just to peek at the T-shirts. Yep, they were authentic.

But apparently the cafe is still in construction, so they only have the shop at the moment. The shop assistants were really nice though (and stylish!) we even got a few coupons for 10-20% discount the next time we shop at HRC :)

Good enough to make me smile that night.

Jonker Walk was nice, but definitely not a scene for me. I felt like I was suffocated with all the smokes, the air, the bright lights - well maybe part of it was because I wasn't feeling so well that night. But of course, you can find super great deals there; if you're into cutesy things and souvenirs. And there's also this shop selling clothes and things from Korea!

And I found Hello Kitty glasses.

Don't worry, I didn't buy it. Hehe.


  1. unplanned usually will turn into sumthing awesome!!! hahahhaa..atil, xde rase nk amik cuti 3 hari kew?hahahah..

    1. Haha all the time! 3 days nak buat apa? Lol ;)


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