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Leather Gladiator Flat Sandal,

I really don't get how girls can wear these gladiators sandals out and about.

Forgive me for being blunt, but they're just such a hassle I don't ever want to waste my money on them.

Was browsing and I realized the gladiators have been in the magazines for years now; when will the trend pass??

Would rather have this instead. So much prettier.
 Satin Sandal with Gems,

I used to have this black heels that look a lot like a gladiator, with the zipper in the middle and everything - except that it wasn't a flat sandal. Wore them during one of our trips to Universal Studios Japan a few years ago; it was comfy! Imagine taking roller coasters at the park and whatnots in those heels haha. But had to resort to flats by the end of the day anyway.

I wore the heels so much it worn out so I had to let it go :( even my Mum noticed that I don't wear it anymore. "mana heels yang rocker sikit tu??" Lol.

So when I found similar heels (but the old one was much better sobs) I quickly grabbed it.

It's much simpler than my old one, but this would do. For now. At least I don't have to wear the same shoes anymore - yep, I've been wearing the same shoes to work everyday it's sad.


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