my housemate got a bunny.

I'm so lazy to blog now that I'd rather blog from my phone than powering up my desktop browser -____-

But I just HAVE to share this.

My housemate got a bunny!

I swear it's the cutest thing ever. I've always had an eye on cats and kittens, but I didn't really think of rabbits as pets. Because I used to have a neighbour who kept rabbits at his house and they stink.

But this lil guy sure doesn't stink. Or maybe at a tolerable rate.

This is us, trying to blow dry the lil guy after his first bath. Poor guy couldn't be bothered to defend himself.


  1. i love rabbits! used to have a few as pets a few years ago. kaki & hidung diaaaaa, cute sangat!

    1. this is my first time, so excited :)) but he doesnt make any sound though. nak panggil apa pun tak tau! haha.


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