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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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last lunch with colleagues.

We have this thing we always do in the office together, and every one of us really love it; deciding where to go to lunch and the lunch occasion itself!

Well except when work is reallyy mounting up on our table and we had to tapau from cafe and eat at our table - sad but true. And there were times when I really enjoy it!

But considering Ramadan is coming, we decided to have our last lunch at San Francisco Bangi last Friday.

 Mine, Ireland Chicken. Good but too spicy for my tastebud.

One of us suggested playing this game where everyone would put their cellphones (smartphones) at the center and the first person to touch their phones would lose. For the sake of communication.

And soon, all of us were focusing on the TV near our table and started criticising the host' outfit, sunglasses, sundress ("why is she wearing an apron while shopping for groceries??" HAHA epic.) and basically everything about her, including her hair. For us, she's really not a good choice for a cooking channel show host, but ask us again after we've reunited with our phones. Hehe.


 Beef steak.

Verdict : so overrated. We went there during lunch peak hours, and the waitresses were so slow, the food came late and NOT as good as they seem. Would rather go to somewhere else for a good steak.

But the company we had was awesome. Should play the putting phones at the center of table game more after this. Oh wait, it's Ramadan already so no lunch.

But for berbuka, I don't think we need phones with the delish food served in front of us after a whole day of fasting. I'd eat MY phone, if I could.


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