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post-raya stress.

You know what's great about raya this year?

My tailor screwed my baju raya - the baju is 5 inches longer (yes I MEASURED, and if you're familiar with the term inches you KNOW how labuh 5 inches is), the lengan part is 3 inches longer, and don't even get me started on the kain. People just have to come up with a new term of 'labuh' as to describe my situation right now.

We didn't get to buy any pelita, like how we used to every single year *cries*

We didn't get to buy extra baju kurung for raya due to damn work and people closing the boutiques early. I mean, what is it with boutiques nowadays?! If I have to come and buy baju kurung at 10 pm, would you really refuse a customer?

OK I might won't even open if it was my store. But seriously.

The fact that my sister has to go to her in-laws on pagi raya, when this year we managed to get everyone together wearing the same baju raya like how we used to. I mean really. I used to say I don't mind not having her on raya when she had to go to her in-laws, but this time it just feels different.

But really, apart from those things, I love everything about Ramadan and raya this year I don't know why. Ramadan feels a lot shorter compared to before but I managed to do everything I've always wanted to do during Ramadan, and for the first time I'm contributing to the household as I've started getting my own income. It feels great; giving something out instead of always being the one getting something.

To tell you the truth, I'm all about it's-not-yours-if-it's-your-family's thing. Ever since I've gotten scholarship for study, asking Mum for money is like a taboo for me. Same goes to getting a car; it doesn't feel right driving Mum's car around and when people ask, "oh, yes, I have a car". It just doesn't feel right wearing Mum's branded bags. That's why when I managed to keep my money to buy albeit one designer bag, it makes me feel contented to know that it comes from my own money, not someone else's.

But this time, being able to chip in for my own household really gives me a whole new meaning of being a grown-up.

And that's why this year's Ramadan is great, for me.


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