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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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raya as a 24 year old.

OK I know it's the fourth day of Raya but still..Eid Mubarak everyone!

My Raya highlights :

  • Prior to previous post, I've sent our baju kurung (me and my sister's) to Mum's tailor 2 days before raya to alter, and thank goodness she still accept our plead to have a normal Raya with a normal baju kurung. God bless her. So we're happy again YAY.
  • After solat sunat raya, we went to visit our late grandma's grave as well as Dad's. It feels weird, just because we used to visit only one grave. It keeps reminding me that our life is so short we can never predict what might happens next; or who's turn might be up next. How we should never forget Akhirat and not putting Dunya as our priority, which is our weakest point, for all of us. 
  • Mum was around the whole day! (She's been working during Raya for as long as I can remember, so this is practically her first time taking long leave during Raya. God bless her.)
  • Apparently the perks of breaking the news of your sister's engagement to relatives - now EVERYONE wants you to do the same. Lol. I mean, give me some air, please.
  • Shahrul had to work during Raya. Which I think is one of the reasons I didn't go overboard with Raya celebration. Because I know the feeling. Tsk.
  • Went to Farah's on second day of Raya - which reminds me that it sorts of became our little tradition : Syena came to pick me up and beraya at my house, and we went to Farah's to beraya with her. Farah's has always been the place we would go despite whatever happens; Raya just doesn't feel complete without these two. 

Hope you had a splendid Raya like I did :) Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and please forgive me for all of my wrongdoings - intentionally or not. 


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