the little jewel.

My niece turns 7 months last few days.

She's officially on a track to being a non-stop nagging baby. She can't speak yet, so she keeps making noises whenever she wants/hates something - usually when we put her down for her naps, or when she wants the phone we're holding to our ears when we're holding her, or Mum's handbag when she's picking her up.

Have you seen the twins baby making conversations in their own baby language video?? Yeah, she sounds like that. And it's even funnier that her whole family turn into lunatics talking in her 'language' in public..haha.

Baby Alya with her mum

Baby Alya with her Makcik

Went to Bukit Merah Laketown yesterday, celebrating Mum's birthday :) It was the first family gathering where all 4 of us were together, so it was the perfect day for all of us. Almost made my Mum cry, though.

Will be in another post, my eyes and fingers refused to work at the moment and bed is calling me. Hope you had a great weekend :)

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