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color love.

If there's one thing I love (and so does other half a million population of girls), it's sale season.

Sometimes it's pure luck like the time when I had my mind blown away by Zara's sale not so long ago in Hiroshima (if you remember), but sometimes you just have to wait for it. 

And if there's one thing hate, it's waiting. Pfft.

But this one is worth it.

Top : Topshop
Scarf : Penang pasar malam

Got the Topshop top (it's jacket actually, tie at the front) during one of my outings with Syena. Tried it twice, saw the half price slash tag, took it to the counter. It's been ages since I last go out of Topshop with its paper bag in my hand, so I figured this time it's a treat.

Mum says, sometimes you have to find that one style and color that suits you and not because of magazines or friends. I remember I had a tudung bawal in this scarf's color, and I was in love with it so much that I wore it everywhere; to the point that it was so worn out I had to let it go. I remember how heavy my heart was, and when I found this scarf, I'm in love all over again.

Though I don't really know what color it really is. Peach-y white? Peach? Soft pink-y brown?

But what I do know is, this is like reuniting with an old flame.


  1. I have this tudung bawal that I wear every day and everywhere and it's getting worn out. :(

  2. da color is simply gorgeous ! <333

  3. @Munirah : I think it's the stage when girls first found our 'true' color kan? haha! I still have the tudung bawal :D

    @anon : gorgeous kannnn.


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