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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

meet spike!

If you think getting a job is hard, think again.

The process after getting the job is much much harder.

Well, if you're living by yourself, that is.

I've been practically AWOL from cyberworld since last few days cause I've been running here and there; completing the things in my to-do-before-working list. Thank God for Maxis 3G, my emails and I are inseparable at the moment. 

But I know for sure, my Maxis bill for this month is going to be phenomenal.

Anyway. Despite all the craziness, I managed to get myself a KITTEN.

 MEET SPIKE, my new companion!

My bestfriend is kind enough to give me one of her kittens, so I happily took this one into my possession. THANK YOU SYENA!!! You should've seen her house, I feel like taking all the cats home with me. Pfft jealous.
Spike is nothing like other kittens I've seen and kept before, because he's exceptionally vicious. If he were a girl kitten (?) I'd call him Vicious Truella.

Because he likes to kill gigit people's feet and thumb.

 This is his hobby.

Ever since doctor confirmed that my asthma is getting better and doesn't pose a threat on my health, I've been inseparable with my cats at home. Mum was of course worried about the implications but I haven't had any asthma attack for the last couple of years, so that managed to calm her off for a while.

On another note, I've been having nasi lemak for breakfast for weeks now, I'm not even surprised if I gained ten pounds. KFC and nasi lemak stalls are cruel, I tell you.

Off to house-hunting with future housemate tomorrow. I was dreamingggg to have one by the Penang beach, but judging from Penang real estate right now I might have to earn triple more than I am. Been calling a few housing agency; 95% of the owners are Chinese so we might have to work a bit harder to get a decent apartment.

Officially a working girl now. *cries*


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