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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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cards and leopard print.

I just got the invitation card to our Farewell Party!

My juniors are so sweet to personally drop by and give the card at our doorstep..feel so honored :')

To think of it, that's how we do it every year. I was in-charge of the invitation cards when I was in first and second year, while the guys were the one in-charge of giving out the cards to the celebrated ones aka the VIPs, the final year students.

Can't believe we're the VIPs now.

So comel kan?!
Can't wait till the party, I trust there will be presents and food and performances..and for the first time, I won't have to cook anything. That feels so weird, I used to be one who's running the program.

Hello, adulthood.

Anyway, here's my take on Hana Tajima's hijab style, regardless of how different it might seem from hers. At the moment this leopard print shawl is my favorite; goes well with everything! Bought this for 900 yen (I think), the material is soft and not so thick like pashmina, so wrapping it around your head is an easy task. I love pashmina but I still find it hard to take the whole double-layer look on your head when you wrap it, cause pashminas are so thick.

Oh well. Can't blame a girl for trying.

I was going to do some grocery shopping, so I took the liberty of going out to try it. Can't tell if I'm going to stick with this one (I change my mind like every 5 seconds when it comes to hijab styles, bear with me) but we'll see :)

On another note, my finger is getting better now, I think. Went to the clinic to take off the thick plaster, but the wound hasn't completely healed yet (when the nurse took it off I swear I had tears) so the nurse said I should wear the plaster for a while longer. Next appointment, Tuesday.


Shampoo-ing is apparently the biggest challenge yet. I have a newfound respect for those who's been in a cast, seriously.


  1. u look completely different but prettier for sure! :D

    i haven't had d guts yet to try it. my face is bulat, i'm afraid that it would turn up like pbalut nangka -.-'

  2. @anon : thanks :')

    @soleil_m : different right?! haha I feel weird looking in the mirror. lol. my face is bulat too -__-

    thank you :))


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