next time, wear gloves you genius.

Last night, I was so happy.

I went to lab this morning feeling like I can do my work all the time; anytime, anywhere. And I've never been happier knowing my lecturer is returning from his long out-station today, which means I'd finally get the things I needed for my work. I've never felt so energized. Did some discussion with the lecturer, marched to the lab, set up equipments for experiment. I was in my tip top spirit that for the first time everything I prepared was perfect.

And right in the middle of my experiment..I cut my hands.

Yes, that's right.

For the first time in this pace of one year, my test tube broke into pieces and cut my hands.
Sorry for the graphic picture, guys. Maybe I should've warned you before..

It. Was. Horrifying. I was doing my job as usual; collecting samples from my hydro-cyclone, pouring some of the liquid into test tubes and suddenly - the test tube broke. Glasses, everywhere. Granted, the test tube is a small one so I didn't get a big cut but the glasses that cut my hands were smaller and I was like.."OK please please don't get them stuck in the wound.."

Gross, seriously. Blood was everywhere on both my hands (my right palm was cut albeit not so serious like my telunjuk finger up here) and I didn't know what to do first; clean up the broken pieces before my lecturer walks in and see them and give me a 30-minute lecture, or get some tissue to wipe the blood on my hands and table beside me and the floor, or wash the blood with some cold water. Thank God one of my labmates was there and quickly came to my rescue - I didn't even realize how he managed to clean up the mess so quickly and get some plasters for me. My hands were shaking so bad, so he helped to balut my hands with tissue and lots of plasters.

I can't be more thankful for having such nice colleagues.

He insisted me to just go to the student clinic (for the fear of having bits of broken glasses left in the wound) but I just can't leave my work when I was already halfway done, so I decided to finish the experiment with one hand (don't worry I wore gloves so the blood doesn't go anywhere. Lol), asked my friend to teman me to the clinic and went to perform my prayer.

All the while I was thinking "oh great how am I supposed to take my wuduk like this.." cause the pain was terrible! It's been so long since I have any cuts on my body, but this one is bloody painful.

And gross.

Till now I can't move my telunjuk finger, and am relying on my thumb to do all the work. Sorry, Mr Thumb.

The plaster is supposed to have medicine on it, and the kind nurse lady asked me to go there again this Friday to check the wound. I don't know how to survive till then with this swelling, painful cut on my finger! *cries*

The skin around the wound is turning white now, and the nurse said it's supposed to be like that. I hope so.

Maybe this is God's way of telling me "what you think you can just graduate easily like that?" and let me taste at least one last hardship (cut) because, let's face it, you have to go through hardships to be closer to success.

Or because He knows I was cocky last night.



    and that is one scary pictures eyeewwwwwww !

  2. haha i know! it's so gross..will take gloves everywhere from now on -_-

  3. that looks so painful!!!!!! i hope ur finger gets well soon. >.<

    even i feel like screaming looking at the picture... adeh...

  4. it's getting more painful today :(

    haha gross right. can't do anything without my telunjuk finger!! -_-

  5. !!

    get well quick d injured fingers & palm!

  6. @incik neng : tak oosemm la!! pfft..

    @soleil_m : sakittttt. I wish I can turn back time and wear the gloves..*sniffs* thank you :')



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