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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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sunday girls day in.

Today was one of those rare days when I actually go out and spend time with my Japanese friends instead of caving in my comfort house.

I usually dread going out on a Sunday (unless with the people closest to me; you know who you are. Be bloody thankful for I care for you guys so much that I'm willing to sacrifice my Sunday! Haha) but today was exceptional cause it's actually a farewell thing, considering I'll be leaving in one month plus time.

So we had makan-makan at one of my friend's apartment. Me and Sue brought mi kari, while others were supplying dessert and chips afterwards.

This is Erika, whom I grew closer to when we were in the same group during first year. She is, by far, the nicest person I've ever met here in Japan. We went to different course when we were in second year so we hardly saw each other anymore, so today I'm glad I get to see her again! We even made plans to have makan-makan before I go back for good, insyaAllah. I wish all my Japanese friends were like her :/

 The four of us.

We've known each other since the first week of school, been in the same class, the same group, etc. We went to factory plants visit together, stayed in hotel, had takoyaki-making dinner, studied for finals together. There's so much I've learned, and I have these people to thank to for making these 4 years at least a tad easier for me to go through.

We talked about so many things, from senpai to lab work (at least now I know I'm not the only one who doesn't like what I'm doing..) to kohai to graduation day. Do you remember this post? Well, apparently hakama rental costs...50,000 yen. 5 FREAKING MAN YEN. That's nearly RM 2000, for rentals.

I'd rather save that for my own custom-made wedding dress, thank you very much.

Anyway, I wore this one top I bought recently :

I LOVE LOVE THIS TOP. Reminded me of those frill tops and blouses of PU3's :) 

I'm not usually into Japanese street style brands, in fact I don't remember buying anything from those brands in the pace of 4 years that I've been here. But ever since the thought of going home for good really kicked in my head, I think I ought to bring back at least a bit taste of 'em, besides those Forever 21 and Zara tops. I mean, it'd be a loss not to, right?

Bought this top, too :

So prettyyy I couldn't help it -__- It's from this brand called Glacier from Honeys, and the stuffs are actually so nice! Tongue In Chic actually featured them once :

And both tops cost me less than 4000 yen. SCORE.


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