lovely audrey.

New Audreys arrived today!! Yeah, so I gave in..cannot resist the temptation.

I know I said I'm not a big fan of jewelry, but I love accessories. They are two completely different things, just to clarify if you're like Shahrul and want to go all "yeah right, not a big fan about those Nicole Richie bangles you bought??" on me, because those two are completely different! Accessories come from all sorts of materials, from soft fabric to hardcore gold metals, and it just so happen that I can fall in love with anything gold in a minute.

And to me, Rachel Leigh Audrey bracelet is perfection.

Was surprised when I saw the packaging. This is by far the finest one I've ever encountered, I guess you can differentiate by the price cause on online shopping websites, the price differs proportionally to quality and packaging quality. I bought my HOH at cheaper price, though the quality is great, I was a bit disappointed with the packaging, they were nothing like this!

To me, Rachel Leigh line offers a lot of chic and fashion-forward accessories; as differs to HOH line which has a lot of bohemian look influence. No shock there since Nicole Richie herself is the designer; but both are equally awesome, seriously.

I foresee myself wearing Rachel Leigh bracelets to dinners or parties while they'd also complete the whole casual outing outfit. A real great bargain at a fine price.


  1. how much the bracelet zatil


  2. in japan around 7500+ yen (rm280+), in US probably around 72+ dollars (from rachel leigh website). its more expensive here, tapi understandable kot :) haish klu ade free shipping from US kan best. hehe.



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