dinner with labmates.

Just got back from having dinner with my labmates, and my back is aching so bad :/

The dinner's purpose was to celebrate our second year Masters seniors who are done with their mid term presentation today :) God I'm getting nervous now..our turn's this December, and I'm not even near prepared. Shoot.

Ok happy things happy things.

The dinner started at 7, held at this Japanese restaurant called Teshio (てしお). Even got a 500 yen voucher discount each! Though I doubt I'd use it in the near future.

The food was great, I had a special dish of fish because I can't swallow sashimi and they didn't even tell me! Was uber shocked when the dish came, "this is specially ordered for Zati-san, otsukaresama desu!". And the fish was so yummy..even shared with them cause I couldn't finish them all pfft.

 Some veggie I don't know what they're called.
 My special dish!! Drools.

Presenting, my crazy super cool labmates.

Yes, they were drunk. It's not my scene so it's scary to be around them when they have too much to drink, but actually it's entertaining too :) Laughed so hard I think my face froze up for a while.

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