virtual shopping apps.

My phone and I have this on-off relationship; I can play with it religiously for one day and abandon it any second later. If not for its ultimate function to supply me with my iPod dose every day (on the way to school, in between classes, on the way back from school..I can go crazy without my earphone stacked in my jeans' pocket everyday), I might leave it anywhere I want to.

So I've just updated my iTunes and phone a few days ago, and this ALMOST gave me a heart attack :

OMG Zara has a 'Shop Online' feature now??

So sorry, my dear bank account. I feel bad for you, and also my so-called overshopping-reducing program.

But when I opened the app, there's nothing related to 'shop online' or 'your cart' or 'checkout'..I don't know why they would toy with our feelings, now. IS THIS WHAT THEY CALL SHOP ONLINE?? GRRRR. Of course, my boyfriend can breathe again now.

But I have to say, its other new features are awesome. This app is always a dangerous territory for me, cause I'd hop on the bus any second off to the town when I saw anything interesting in the 'new this week' section. Thank God for putting Zara 1-hour away from here.

Zara is always my #1 favorite app.

#2 is, MANGO.

Have you seen the new MNG's Fall/Winter 2010 ad campaign featuring Scarlett Johansson?
Don't bother googling, Scarlett looks even better on iPhone interface, I swear.

But I have to go to freaking Tokyo or Chiba if I want to buy the MNG gorgeous dress Scarlett wore in the ad, which adds another 20,000 yen to be spent for the whole journey. That's why if you're in Malaysia, please be grateful cause I would trade places with you if I could :(

#3 is, app.

During my third year, I had so many classes that I had to take to get as many credits as I can - so that my final year won't be as hard. Having too many classes can be such a pain, especially when I spent my first and second year listening to iPod in lectures and conveniently have migrains at the end of the sem. So when I was bored in class, I'd read anything unrelated to studying - and this app had really come in handy.

You can watch runway videos, runway pictures and fashion blogs of what's new in town, all in one app. I remember showing Juicy Couture pictures to my Japanese friend, and she didn't even know the brand.

My #4 favorite app is, of course, iBags.

This is where I learned and remembered all my favorite bags' name. And it comes in handy too, when you know the name of the bags, it'd make the whole googling thing easier.

I know these are all girly apps, so guys, sod off. Hehe.


  1. i fcuking love this my iphone akan hang for few minutes everytime aku bkk lain ok je ke?

  2. :)) yeke?? kdg2 hang jgk tapi tak lah slalu sgt. apps lain ok je. iphone mmg saikin asyk buat hal je grrr.

  3. Thank God I owned a BB, no apps, save me money ! he he he . Oren, get help please .

  4. i know right. means i have to switch to BB lah mcm ni..sheesh. :D



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