sunday night with gossip girl.

This is how I spend my Sunday night. Very fulfilling.

Milky Way, Toblerone (got from the bf before he went back to Malaysia - he knows what keep me sane when I'm alone), Coke, Nescafe, keropok ikan (OMG my ultimate favorite..with Thai chilli sauce! *drool*) and a big fat box of kurma. Got another box from mum in the fridge - seriously, I don't know how I'm gonna finish them all.

Watching Gossip Girl Season 3, since I've practically spent the whole weekend having Gossip Girl Season 1 and 2 reruns. But trust me - do NOT have GG reruns when you're broke.

Having no money and having Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen rubbing off your face with glamorous headbands, dresses and the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-but-it-still-looks-fabulous hair are unhealthy.

Seriously, I had tears.

So anyway, I saw GG's upcoming Season 4's pictures. You can check it out here. We're allowed guilty pleasures once in a while right?!

But my favorites are :

Chuck reminds me of Robert Pattinson here. Not good.

She's the dictionary definition of effortlessly gorgeous.

But this picture of Blair topped it all! Girl in Paris.

Can't wait for the new season to come out.

Now excuse me while I mourn over my bank account.


  1. season 4 gonna b awesome,with their yet-to-be-released handbags n all.. *drooling*

  2. u look unbelievably prettayy in the bloggerprofile picture..=) i have been reading ur blog since 1-2 years ago..u have grown a lot;) love ur blog..xoxo


  3. anonymous, thats so nice of you :)) so you know most of my dark moments embarrassing!

    thank you so much for reading :) your comment really made my day.



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