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merdeka day.

Up till today, I never really celebrated Malaysia's Merdeka Day. We sure enjoyed the holiday, but honestly after high school (where we'd had Kemerdekaan celebration; performances, games, events etc..I had to be the person-in-charge for Hari Kemerdekaan once since I was in Kelab Kewarganegaraan comittee, I still remember every single thing we did! Sighh I miss high school) every time the day comes I never really did anything or fully understand the meaning of it.

But today I stumbled upon this video about two Americans who learned Malay language and made videos about them learning the language - BelacandanPaku.

Watching their videos really humbled me. There they were; two foreigners who are so proud of speaking in Malay and talking about Malaysia when I didn't even try to understand the meaning of Hari sad.

They even have Facebook page - BelacandanPaku. Even them calling each other that cracks me up! Haha. Never mind that their 'lah' is sometimes wrongly used, at least they have the guts to do the video. I can NEVER do one in Japanese..seriously, embarrassing.

My favorite is this one.

There's just something about 'Mat Saleh' speaking Malay that really gets me..hahaha.

Then when I was browsing the net reading my usual daily must-read blogs - I encountered this post by Xiaxue, a Singaporean famous celebrity blogger. She blogged about her recent experience in KL where she went for a sponsored shopping trip.

Wow. I think this is some of God's way of showing me I should appreciate my country more..or maybe because today's Independence Day and I'm so far away from Malaysia so I'm feeling a bit blues..but whatever.


Read her post, if you've lived under tempurung and still don't know where to shop in KL..hehe. But reading a review about KL from an outsider kinda opened my eyes, because we always take everything we have for granted, we should sometimes be reminded of the things we're blessed with.

Can't wait to go home even more. Monday come quick please.

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan, Malaysia.

P/S : It's the final 10 days of Ramadan, too. May we're blessed with the opportunity to make full of Lailatul Qadr, InsyaAllah :)


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