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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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going gothic.

So it's finally happening.
I've got re-entry done today!! Only ONE week to go baby!!! Hello, Malaysia :))

(Those of you who are already in the soil of Malaysia, do NOT give sarcastic comment. Grrr.)

I went to the city to do my re-entry permit today, and managed to come by this one store I always go whenever I'm in the city. It's a brand from Korea, and sells shirts, dresses and custom-made jeans with beadings with the price ranging from 15,000-50,000 yen. Yes, just for a pair of jeans. But you should see the beadings, so so pretty.

I've never bought one, I only have a few of the shirts and this one top I bought when it was on sale.

I love going there because the salesgirl who comes from Ukraine is so nice and friendly, and the store owner too! I used to drag Sue along with me before, and Sue loves them too. I should bring my boyfriend someday, maybe I can get special discounts/offer from them for bringing in customers. Hehe.

But today when I reached the store I was surprised to see its new face - they're selling the famous Japanese gothic clothing.

(source :

I know Japan has always been famous for this gothic street style, I've always wanted to take pictures of the stores cause their promoting style is just so brilliant - the salesgirls would wear gothic clothing from head to toe, put on Avril Lavigne-like makeup, do their hair like anime characters we see in TV and even the mannequins are so pretty. But I never get the chance to take their pictures because honestly, the salesgirls terrified me.

But FINALLY I get to see them up close!! Thanks to the nice Ukrainian girl :) She didn't put on so much gothic clothing or makeup cause she was shy. Still, she looks so pretty :)

She didn't want me to take picture of her alone. So shy.

The clothes worth 10,000 yen and above and it's not like I can wear them anytime soon, so I didn't get anything. But the accessories are so nice I had to get one.

The cheapest one they had in the store.


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