the culprit.

I think I've found the reason why my eyes had been acting out on me lately.

I can't believe I've never realized I kept this much lenses. These contact lenses are either 4//5/6 months (or even a year..) old. I should've thrown them away ages ago!

I have this bad habit of changing my lenses everytime my eyes feel weird. But since the lenses aren't even 1 month old yet, I decided to keep them in a new container.

Repeat that 5 times in a month, you get the above picture.

And I kept telling myself the lenses are still OK, only worn 1-2 times, still can wear again. But apparently I kept telling that to myself for 4 months!

Reminder : When you opened a new set of lenses, the expiry date starts right at that moment. No matter how few times you've worn them. So even if you've worn them 1 time in the period of 3 months (if the expiry date of the lenses is maximum 3 months), you cannot wear them anymore past that date.

Thank God my mum's package (with new lenses supply) arrived today!!! So happy :) THANK YOU MUM! *hugs and kisses*

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