I got a new haircut last month, after what feels like forever of not cutting my hair. 

All these while, it's kind of difficult for me to find the perfect haircut that suits my face shape - I have a round face, high cheekbones (according to most people) and short neck. At least I believe I do.

So as much as I enjoy having my hair being pampered at the salon, figuring out the suitable haircut for me is suicidal. 

But when the stylist at the salon said he'd give me a fringe, I didn't take long to say yes. I really don't know why; maybe because the last time I had one was when I was umm 5 years old and my mum became obsessed of turning all my sisters' head and I into what seems to look like an orange.

Hairstyle disaster days. See the zigzag pattern? Yeah, my mum's fault.

All these while I thought people with round face shouldn't get bangs, since it'll enhance the width of the face (if the fringe is too short) thus will make the face even rounder.

But these celebs prove me wrong.

If you have round face, I think it's best if you get a side-swept bangs, like Ms Nicole Richie here. ;) Apparently you can get DIY Nicole Richie's side-swept bangs style under 5 minutes, according to Youtube.

And don't listen to everything people say, they can be wrong. If you think you look best with it just go with it.

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