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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

hanami and sakura in tears.

We had our annual Malaysian in Hiroshima hanami last weekend. 

It was raining; probably the first time we ever had hanami under the roof, usually we're big on barbeques and open wide space, kids running around and grownups playing football (or soccer, whichever holds the closest meaning, I'm no sports fan) but this time it felt different.


Hahaha. This rings true to my ears.

(Picture taken from Basha's Fb)

And I've decided. 
I am not going to continue working/doing Master's degree in Japan.

I've been contemplating on pursuing my Master here, secretly. Partly because I know how hard it is to aim on high-profile companies when you just have a degree in your hand and having to compete with those with Masters, and partly because I feel that it's such a loss when I've come a long way; four years, so why not bear for another short two years and get a Master?

I've also thought about working in Japan. 50% because the salary is way higher than Malaysia, and 50% because of this.

This, is the Chanel 2.55.

I've had it all planned. Upon graduation, I would pack my bags and go to Tokyo/anywhere close to the city, I would have gotten a job at any of Japan's company, I would get a minimum salary of 200,000 yen per month (I was told it's the minimum salary for engineers in Japan, compared to only RM3000+ for starting salary of engineers in Malaysia) and my FIRST salary will go to buying this beautiful creature.

Except I'm just too exhausted from these three plus years being here, and I just don't think I can handle another two years.

I've come to realize that money can't buy happiness. Malaysia is where my heart is.

But maybe if I'm happier now, I'd have applied for companies my sensei suggested.

So for now, this beautiful creature would have to wait.

Anyway, my friend had recently questioned about these overpriced bags girls seem to be obsessed about. He said he just can't understand what's the fuss is about; for him he'd rather buy the most high-tech DSLR than a Chanel bag. You see, this is where guys and girls are different.

I love the Chanel 2.55 because of its history and the inspiration behind its design. Even in Nina Garcia's book "The One Hundred", she said if you ever want to invest in bags, the bags should be The Chanel 2.55, The Birkins by Hermes, Louis Vuitton Speedy, and The Jackie O by Gucci.

But I have a feeling, when I do have money I'd think twice before purchasing all four of's different when you have to work to earn money, than using your parents' credit cards.

But I'd make sure I'll have my own Chanel 2.55 someday, and sign the cheque myself. 


  1. Atil!
    wah2..lama aku xvisit blog ko. rajin betul update! haha..kmslm kt abang-tak-berapa-lurus ko tu :-P rajin2, visit la blog aku..hehe

  2. Tiring 3years? Imagine 6years! Lol. If I were somewhere in English speaking country, I think I'll take the opportunity of working abroad. But, since my only option is Russia, it's ok la, I'll pass! Haha

    Gosh, u know what, if I were to work overseas, I have to take that country's medical exam. Which is harddd! It's like taking final medical exam all over again.

    But yeah, true what u said, Msia is where my heart is. It's where our love ones is. I don't mind earning a bit less for as long as they're nearby :)

  3. @mao : haha will do :) kirim salam kat farah jgk k! and rajin2 blogging! :D

    @pena : kan, if i were somewhere in *ahem* US or UK i will definitely take the chance. living away from loved ones for years is hard. i've had enough from 5 years in ssp and 4 years in japan.

    if i loved japan more than i do now, i might even consider it. for me japan is awesome when you come here for a holiday, but NOT when you come here to get a degree.


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