it's sunday and..

It is the most depressing weekend I've ever had.

I've been studying(while munching potato chips and my monitor playing Friends - not exactly studying) these past two days and I am bored. Have a mid term paper tomorrow but cannot seem to get around with remembering everything I've read in the past hours - what in the world is more depressing than this?!

And it's crazy to go out right now - it's so freaking cold, I cannot even feel my brain cells. They're freezing, I can tell, that's why it's so hard to remember what's a PRTR and what it does..water pollutant or something like that..I really need a break.

And I can't go online shopping because I'm saving for, ehem, whatever it is they're saving for. See, I cannot even see my goals straight.

I wish I can be in London right now. Or London when it's summer.


  1. zatil gambatte!!
    chukan shiken mmg bg satu perasaan yg xbest tp xpe saba sket jek..nex week dah cuti =)

  2. aww thanks!! :) :)
    tula pasal..cpt2 la sikit cuti..isk.but ade lg 1 paper..*cry*



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