i want a house like that.

Came across these pictures and I thought, this is exactly how I imagined my future home would look like.
Or maybe with lighter color on the walls, or less creepy.
But this house is amazing nevertheless.

This house was designed by Dutch architecture firms and situated in mountains of Switzerland. The house is embedded in the side of a hill and can be seen through a big elliptical opening.

Now my future husband please take note.


  1. Cool. Similar environment I can think of in Msia, is GUA. Haha.
    Start making friends with bats, u might be their neighbours in the future, u know.. Lol

  2. GUA??hahahhahaah
    ure calling my dream house a gua!!cettttt

    i just love the interior design,and the creative concept.but theres a possibility i might lost direction whenever i wanna go to the living room or downstairs,cuz the hallways looked the same.

  3. zatil,kalo hujan ke banjir ke mane nak nyorok kat umah nih?ke die ade atap otomatik tutup bkk?
    ecece tanye cam owner umah nih zatil plak...=)

  4. hahaahaaha
    ooh lupe nak mention,rumah tu ade its own sistem perairan,so bile hujan air turun dr atas bukit tu all the way down sbb rumah tu atas bukit kan.



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