heels or crocs?

Ever since I learned heels can make me look taller, I wear them practically every day.

It's not just about the height. I used to look up to women with courage to be different from others - and at that particular time, wearing heels is one of them. :D 

Not many of us can actually wear one without living in a hell of pain - ask my boyfriend, I've been through a lot of majorrr backaches, blisters etc just from wearing heels for a few hours. And till now even though my feet have been accustomed to them(I think), it's still giving me a lot of pain especially when you're just standing for hours waiting..I'd rather walk 5 blocks in heels, seriously.

And of course, lots of gorgeous, cute shoes are heels so you'll be missing them if you can't wear one.

But as much as I hate standing hours in heels, I really, really hate crocs too.

Maybe it's just me. 
I have troubles with crocs because they look so inefficient, weird and oh, did I mention inefficient? You can never wear them to work, or classes, or even shopping. The only place I can think of wearing crocs is okay is buying crocs.

And no, don't give me that crap about how 'comfortable' crocs are..I've worn one, and it's not that great. 

When we went to USJ last week, I wore my favorite heels for the sake of pretty pictures. I did not think of how long we'd be queuing for the attractions and shows, and by 6 pm my feet were already screaming in pain. 

So at last, after hours of looking for a pair of flip flop(they were nowhere to be found in USJ..take note) I reluctantly resorted to this.

I thought it was going to be okay. Boy was I wrong.

I hate them even more.

At first my feet was thanking me because as soon as I slipped my feet into them, the pain was no longer there. So I kept my heels back into the paper bag. But after that I realized I looked like this weird elf walking around in weird silver rubber shoes with holes in them - I really felt like crying.

Thank God the pictures didn't revealed much. 

But really, this is just me talking - I don't mean to be offensive. 

You can wear crocs as long as you love them.

So for some of us who'd rather walk in 5-inch heels than a pair of rubber shoes, here's some tips on wearing heels :

  • Start with low or thick heels. When you're comfortable wearing, try wearing the higher one, but start gradually.
  • I know a lot of us love stilettos more than anything, but platforms and wedges are nice, too. So don't jump right to stilettos, choose platforms instead for the first few weeks.
  • Before and after wearing heels, pamper your legs with massages and stretching. They really help reduce the pain.
  • Walk with your legs straight and keep them as close as you can.
  • You can also use your arms to balance your weight.
  • Put the heels down first when walking. Take smaller strides.
  • Avoid slippery or rocky surface. Watch out for grates and cracks that your heels can stuck in.
  • Bring flats everywhere you go - you'll need them eventually. Hehe.
(source : web) 

But of course, there's no quick tips to wear heels, so practice is important. 

I do wear my one and only crocs after the trip, especially when my feet can't take heels anymore but I wouldn't stick with it.

After all, you know what they're saying - no pain no beauty ;)


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  2. the silver croc looks cute =)



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