violence is never the answer.

Do you still remember the famous Rihanna story?
Well, she has finally spoken up about the incident. 

She talked about how she resorted to go back to Chris Brown even after the case, and how she feels deeply about people's reactions towards the incident. 
I might be biased here because I've always loved her, but just watch the video and judge for yourself.
Domestic violence is never the answer. Even if you're a celebrity.

P/S : Fine,fine...I just knew about the video from this particular gossip website. What the heck, we all read it once in a while!! Deal with it.


  1. I just knew bout the vid when u posted it :P
    Urghh, poor rihanna. Debated bout it in class though. N there's guy said maybe she did somethg that upset Chris.
    But still, the guy finally agree that it is wrong for Chris to raise a hand on women. That just wrong.

    Then a question arise. "Why girls can beat guys?"
    Hello? Girls pukul xsakit kot! :P

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  3. haha i thought i was the last to know :D

    yes,whatever happened its still wrong for a guy to harm a woman.especially physically lah kan.

    i really dont get it because he was supposed to be in love with is supposed to be sweet and kind,kan?why would he do such a thing then?so not love.

    and yes,we are 'permitted' because we can never harm a guy..HAHA ;)

  4. hello?
    your highness here beat me up all the time,all the cubiting..
    isk2.. :(

  5. WHEN?WHERE??grrr mane ade!!

    (jumpe nnt siap la.)

  6. hahaa yeke :D takde laa kdg2 je tu.hehehe.



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