Whoever took my cash in the cabin bag, I hope the things you buy using my money will get burned or stolen or something.

I am so freaking mad.

When we were in Japan, you can go out without having to lock the house door. You can go out to the supermarket in front of your house without locking the door. You can leave the car unlocked when you singgah a restaurant to eat. You can leave your bag in the train and get the bag being sent to your doorstep. You can forget basically anything and get them transferred to you to your house without losing anything.

I kept my 300 bucks in my cabin bag, with some coins, as I forgot to give the money to my mum the last time I went back home. So I kept it for like one and a half year untouched, happily knowing I have extra cash to spend the next time I go back. So last Friday before my flight I checked the bag, the cash was still there.

Arrived in KLIA. I thought bringing the cabin bag into the flight is so tiring, so I told the guy at the MAS counter I want it to be in the cargo. He said OK. So I went into flight with just my handbag.

Arrived in Penang International Airport. Went home only to find my 300 bucks with the extra coins were missing, leaving only the purse and other stuffs. And I cannot make a report because I forgot to bring back my bloody IC. Also because my mum said it's my fault too, I shouldn't have left the cash in the cabin bag like that.

How would I know someone in the airport, probably one of the airport workers would open my bag and took the cash and leave the purse back in the bag??

Seriously. I am never trusting anyone ever again, not even airport workers or customs or anyone.

Thank God I kept my other cash in the handbag. If not, right now I can kiss Queensbay Mall goodbye.


  1. la siannyer ilang duet...
    len kali mmg xbole letak duet cash kat beg kargo...mmg bese ade curik2 kan duet tuh letak kat zip luar atau dlm beg?n beg ade buh pad lock x?kalo ade safe sket,kalo ade bubuh tp kene curik gak mmg bkn rezeki la nmpknyer nak gune duet tuh...n lg satu xkire la mane2 tpt pon,org jahat ttp ade...cume naseb baik jumpe atau xjumpe jek...jpon pon BYK org jahat tau

    LOL pnjg lak bebel..sori yek..mcm mak2 plak

  2. no i put it in the bag,tu lah bengang gile ade plak blh bkk bag tu and amik duit org.

    tu lah takde rezeki kot,redha je la nak buat camane kan.(pdhl menyumpah2 org yg amik tu dlm hati haha)

    haha no worries :)

  3. atil!!!

    last year,aku n paie punye beg,kena kopak tau x..sampai beg kitorang xleh bukk..barang aku xde yg ilang,tp,camera,hp msia,n charger nihon paie sume time dapat beg tu,it looked fine.mcm xde org sentuh try masuk pin no,xleh bukk.pelik gile..

    kesimpulan,terutama kalau transit kat KK,jgn simpan ape bende yg berharga dlm beg kargo ..

    aku transit kt korea mase 1nen,xde pun ilang.padahal,ade dslr lgi dlm beg kargo tu..sabar jela..rasanye,time transit tu kot.kan kapal tu terbiar je cmtu..ade org amek dr bwh la kot


  4. saff!!!ya Allah,teruk gile sape yg curi tu kesian gile pae.klu camera n hp aku kena curi aku nangis kot.hehe.

    tula,mase amik beg tu it looked fine,ok je.bukak2 je baru perasan.saitei gile sape amik tu.

    kalau buat report pun muri la nak dapat balik kan.ish.



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