brother-sisterly love.

I've been home for, like, 4 days now.

Guess what my brother's version of warm welcome.

Day 1

Brother : Where's my pants?
Me : How would I know?
Brother : What are you doing home, sleep? Eat all day? Do some chores!

Day 2

Brother : Why are you sleeping all day? Your idea of resting, is it? Cannot help mum a bit at the kitchen also.
Me : Shut up I need my sleep.
Brother : (mumbles something offensive)

Day 3

Brother : Are you going out like that?(looking at my top)
Me : Yea why?
Brother : Great show them your arms lets see if one of them tegur you and follows you home.

I know my little brother has always been a bit protective, but I never knew he could be this violent.
Practically everything he says is critical, of what I'm doing, or what I'm wearing. And I hate that everything he says is true. But it's day four and I am so damn tired already.

Ughhhh whoever responsible for this I'm gonna hunt you down.

Even my mum is much, much cooler compared to him.


  1. aww he's soo sweet!!! ;)

  2. die adik laki...tanggungjwb die..mestilah nak kene jage elok2 kakak cute die kan...
    tp kalo mulut die kurg ajar kdg2 tuh kene cili2 kan la jugak XD
    erm btw die sorg ke laki dlm family?

  3. yes mmg dah thp rase nak cili dah pn haha :) nsb baik die laki.pfft.

    haah,hes the only one.the youngest.



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