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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

the magic TV.

I think I've learned all about the Kardashians, Yasmin Ahmad, Denise Richards, Micheal Jackson, Elvis Presley all in one day more than I ever did my whole life.

And they say watching TV all day is wasting time.


  1. wah2 sronok ko d mlysia lepak2 je yer...aku dale bca nie time baru lepas balik kelas...jealous k...n brape entry nie in just a short time..nmpak sgt level hima ko...

    anyway ksian juga ko ilang duit tu..kena jaga2 juga nie..kang tkena gak...

  2. hahaha takpe2 ull be back soon ;)

    mmg hima gile pn.bosan gile.nasib baik ade tv.haha.

    tula psl jgn letak cash dlm bag!!even lock bag tu pn aku dah serik. :(

  3. uish ko ni...baik lg hima xtau watpe dr duk dlm kelas sbjek sama dr kul 10 smpai 4ptang...mderita k nk tahan..nk tidur kang risau xtau wat report dia...huhuhu
    anyway jgn lupa nnt kat mana2 (message fb ke) bg le no keitai ko..xkn xnk dpat wish slamat hari raya dr aku kot kurang2...hahaha...n diingatkan...maxis xdilayan...celcom saje...
    kalau ko nk tulis no ko kat public nk jaja bg org sume call sms ko pn ok gak..ko kn bosan kat umah...

  4. the kardashians!hahaha

  5. 10-4 ptg??gile laa ganbatte!xpela nnt dh balik kan.hehe.

    helloo aku maxis la sudi ke x ni nak num aku?hahaha :)

    anonymous,yes i have too much time i watch practically everything on tv..sigh.haha.

  6. hye zatil...
    guess what? i was u in Tokyo kawaii TV last saturday tau!
    serius terkejut dik....!=)

  7. kak izaaaaaa!
    tokyo kawaii tv?yg interview tu ke?ingatkan dah hbs -_- ya allahh maluuuuuu.hahaha.

  8. hahaha channel E is awesome right?? I get myself updated with hollywood this time of the year everytime :P

  9. u were in japan's tv??

  10. pena : tula psl,theres everything on that channel!jakun sekejapla sbb kat japan tak dapat.haha

    anon : it wasnt that awesome,if uve seen was more like embarassing..hehe


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