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I watched Blindness and Mirrors with him the other day, and tried to block out the impact they had on me, but I can't.

Blindness sucks because they didn't show the source of the disease, the effect to the other areas, the statistics and all eventhough clearly it was something similar to I Am Legend and the other one movie with carnivor disease. We left dumb-founded after the movie and I was desperate for a good meal after that(to declare how suck the movie was). And, there were some parts I find so freaking annoying to me as a woman. For a moment I felt like the good trait in men species is in the brink of extinction, as the one part showed in the quarantine area, which in one dorm where men raping women, and women had to comply for the sake of the food. I watched this part fighting with urge to at least punch any man beside me(he was lucky he's my boyf) because I see how uncivilized these men are, and how foolish the women are. Even if it's just a movie. And they didn't say why Julianne Moore was unaffected, why the guards are gone, etc etc.

So almost every minute watching it I just couldn't stop complaining.

And Mirrors, admittedly I'm not born for a horror film. So I left many parts unwatched, covered my eyes with his sweater and even then I was scared. Not a very good cinema experience.

So there, now I can rest happily. For God's sake pick a romantic comedy movie to watch after this, woman.

This is merely an opinion.

p/s : I didn't put the Mirrors' poster because I don't want that freaking scary eyes to stare back at me everytime I read this post.

p/s lagi : Just read the Wikipedia about the Blindness movie, and apparently there were some controversy over the blind topic, saying "Blind people do not behave like uncivilized, animalized creatures. Stupidity doesn't choose between the blind and the non-blind."


  1. the movie sucks!hate it too.

  2. atil..btul2..i hate that story too..hujung pangkal sume..ntah pape...

  3. tu lah kan.tah pape.buang mase tgk.


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