I change the layout occasionally. Deal with it :)

I am not as girly as this layout suggests.

Couldn't find a layout decent enough for this blog.

Jannah, help me aku tak boleh deal dengan die! Sheesh.

I decided not to support this government's effort to grow the economy level by inventing fukubukuro. Or maybe in beauty supplies only. Because it's not worth it to buy a paper bag worth things God knows what. I cannot spend 4000 yen on a paper bag worth eyeliners with weird colors or colors that don't match my skintone, can I? And I don't think I'll use them all anyway.

Save save save.

I tend to draw a line when a guy friend gets too dependant. I know it's unfair. But it's not fair to me, to the loved ones too. Fine if you wanted to confide in me, if you get lonely. But I can't get to your needs everytime.

Btw. In your game, actually I won it all. If there was even a game. Because you've never had me.

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