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Rafiy's first concert at youchien (Japanese kindergarten)

 Today was a special day for Rafiy. He had his first school concert at his youchien (Japanese kindergarten), so I asked husband to work from home today so I could go alone - without bringing baby girl along. The last time I went to an event at his youchien with baby girl I ended up spending the day running after her and consoling her from her crying and screamingπŸ˜’

Felt so bad that day because I could barely pay any attention to Rafiy, when it was supposed to be his special day. So today, I made sure I could go alone.

My favourite view at the school. The leaves on this tree have all fallen off!

The concert started promptly on time (as Japanese do). Went there by taking the train and it was barely a 3-minute ride lol. The senseis there were so accommodating and being the newest parent on the team, other parents kept coming to introduce themselves to me, which was so so nice. I felt so welcomed.

At 1030 am, his sensei began ushering the kids onto the stage. I could see Rafiy was standing outside the hall, his big eyes looking around to spot me (which wasn't so hard since I was the only one wearing a headscarf). Once he spotted me, his stern face grew into a wide smile. 

At that moment I felt so so relieved I could make it today, to celebrate this day with him. 

Then the kids were on stage, and sensei began playing the piano. Oh yes, almost all sensei here knows how to play piano and other instruments. This is basically a true live performance - kids singing songs they're familiar with, and sensei playing the music the kids would sing to. In a basic school hall. 

Not as fancy as renting a hotel ballroom just for the kids to sing their hearts out to western songs played by the PA system, but if feels more magical to me. I'd prefer this simple way anytime!

The whole time, the kids were wearing masks so it was hard to see if Rafiy was singing along with his peers, but it's OK. It's been only 4 months at this school so just seeing him mingle around and following his sensei's instruction were good enough for me. I remember during Rayyan's final concert at Al-Baghdadi when he was around the same age as Rafiy; he refused to move on the stage. He just stood there, not singing or dancing or crying - safe to say we were horrified haha. But yeah that was probably one of the reasons we withdrew him from the school.

So seeing Rafiy today, just singing and dancing and having the time of his life (maybe not that much..) just made me so so happy. You see, making the decision to move here wasn't easy especially on the kids, so I have to make sure they're settled nicely here. Until then I just couldn't rest. And if they need time to do so, I'll gladly be waiting and following a step behind them every time.

Mommy so happy to be with you today, Rafiy. I hope you know how much I love you and proud of youπŸ’•


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