my baby girl

It's crazy how much I'm in love with her. My boys are wonderful and I see myself A LOT in them, but baby's crazy how much I can see myself in her. Although she prefers her daddy more than me (rolled eyes) I can tell she's always looking for me everywhere she goes. In every milestone, whatever she's doing, she would look around to watch if I'm there, and would just smile endlessly as if she's so proud to show me whatever she's doing.

Rayyan takes after a lot in being the observant, quiet type - but baby girl is more..vicious, in that way. She fiercely guards her privacy, would only open up to those she can trust and would quickly appreciate you once you do something for her. She cries so loud; even louder than her brothers ever did when they were small and that alone gives me shivers how vicious she's gonna be when she grows up.

But when she smiles, she ✨smiles✨. People would ask me if I was the happy smiley type when I was carrying her in my tummy, cause she's exactly it. You can spot that crooked moon eyes when she smiles from miles away. And that cheek, haha, yes I can proudly say she got them from me too. Husband always says they're his favorite about her.

I have no idea who she will take after when she grows up, but I can say for sure; the braver, stronger version of me.

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