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500 days of summer, 2022 edition


Watched the movie on Disney+ the other day, cause I was bored. And my FYP on tiktok suddenly showed a clip of this movie, which really got me thinking.

I used to pity Tom for being dumped by Summer, and cursed Summer for it. I vowed never to that person, never to be the one causing a guy so heartbroken, if I could help it. It's just spiteful, isn't it? And I've learned throughout the years that heartbroken guys are really the worst enemy - you can't win with them whatever you say and if you defend yourself, it just worsens the situation.

But after re-watching the movie, at this age of 35, I realize I couldn't be more wrong before. Summer was right.

It wasn't her fault that Tom was hurting, it was his. Summer showed him how she wanted to be loved, but Tom loved the idea of her too much he refused to see it. He wasn't in love with her, he was just in love with the idea of her, he idolized her too much and blinded by the infatuation to see that she really wasn't into him.

Her fault, was maybe too impressed by his infatuation towards her that she just went along..until she realized she couldn't be that person Tom wanted her to be.

So funny how the lens of how you view things can change with age. How naive was I in 2009? 

Oh and the picture has nothing to do with the movie. Went to Dotty's, had this avocado sandwich which looks yummy - but turned out not so much. 


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