Review : Tea Tree Organic Shampoo by Maple Holistics

Some months ago, I received an email – a natural, organic shampoo product offer for me to try and evaluate and share my thoughts on it.

It was at the same time, when I was having a major breakdown due to the ridiculous amount of hair I found on my floor every single day. Just the night before, I was having a mental breakdown i.e. cursing my husband in my head because he had the guts to tell me “your hair is all over the place, why don’t you clean it now” and “how come I’ve just vacuumed last weekend and today there’s a segerombolan of your hair on the floor”. 

You know, something along those lines, only maybe nicer.

I was denying it but the next day, I thought better of it when I came across some hair accumulated behind my bedroom..maybe this husband of mine was right.

Then I read online. True enough – mothers who had just given birth would experience ridiculous hair loss due to imbalanced hormones and also because the body trying to get to its original nature, pre-pregnancy. This conclusion was drawn because you know how during pregnancy, mothers are said to have this “glow” – better skin, better hair??

Well, it’s no miracle. It’s actually because of hormones – pregnancy makes your skin better and makes your hair shine brighter than usual. And hair loss would be at much, much less rate too.
So that’s why some 6 months after pregnancy, it’s the body trying to shed off these effects and coming to its original state (hence the more hair loss than usual) and mothers are told not to worry about it.

Except if it’s prolonged.

Well, in my case, it sure is. I couldn’t wait any longer so I tried this Tea Tree Oil Shampoo from Maple Holistics – to see if it would somehow work miracle on me.

Well, after 2 months, I can safely say, this shampoo is the bomb.

Maybe because of the organic element, it feels so nice on my hair – unlike chemical shampoo I’ve grown used to before. My hair smells really nice! My “sick” scalp feels better, like it was treated with some kind of medicine and I no longer scratch my head as much as I used to (I know, gross)

I don’t have a serious case of dandruff, but even so, I don’t have it anymore since I used the shampoo. And I have a sense of relief to know that it’s all organic stuff that I’m putting on my hair, compared to having all kinds of chemical shampoos I’ve used and the amount of times I’ve colored my hair during uni days…

It sure feels better now that it’s all organic.

I’ve never used essential oils before, except for tea tree oil I’ve been using to treat my acne – and it WORK WONDERS. It’s a simple routine I’ve learned from a website many many years ago – that whenever an acne pops up, put a drop or two of tea tree oil on it, and let it rest through the night. Usually it would only take one day for it to dry up and subside, instead of flaming up to a bigger acne.

So when I learned there’s a tea tree oil shampoo, I knew it must work wonders, too.

True enough!

Give it a try and look at their website if you’re interested - they're a company based in the US and currently they have a free samples program, which you can ask for free samples to try out. Just fill up the forms here and choose which one to try!

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