WIWT : finding the right fit at the moment

This statement would be redundant (sorry!), but I’m finding it harder and harder to dress these days.

Mornings have been so stressful because I kept changing my outfit one after another. Nothing fits right. Sometimes the top feels right (by this I mean it covers my watermelon belly adequately without any button popping or underbelly skin showing) but it doesn’t go well with the bottom choice (pants or skirts) hence the need to change. (these Zara tube skirts are my lifesaver these days)

I hate third trimester sobs.

So, a few weeks ago I went to Uniqlo in the hope to find some bottoms that would fit my huge belly. In my mind, I’m targeting for elastic waist because I depended on them a lot during previous pregnancy – was hoping that, this time, it would be the same.

Browsed through the racks. Found these.

Option 1 : Elastic waist smart pants

I love these pants. The material is so comfy and stretchable and they look smart when worn.

Option 2 : elastic waist wide flare pants

Oh, the breezy feeling this pants give! I love how comfortable I feel in this – but the only thing is, im not sure if it’s office-wearable or not because the flare is a bit too much for me. But but but, it’s so comfy I’m hating myself for not getting this.

Because in the end, I chose option 1 – to suit the office wear better. But the elastic waist turned out not so helpful in tucking in my 7-months belly T.T 

Oh well. Lesson learnt. Now I don’t know if I should just get the goddamn maternity pants (maternity jeans is a blessing to me)..

Or just pay a visit to nearby Uniqlo and try the option 2 again, to see if I'm convinced.

In a bid for getting myself a mini wardrobe, I’m thinking of letting go of the skinny jeans I no longer wear and get basic items that would fit me right throughout the phases in my life – one of them is of course, during pregnancy stage. Hence why I’m finding it hard to spend on maternity clothes but get the regular items which can be worn at any stage – regardless when I’m pregnant or not. (Like the Zara tube skirts.)

So confused. Sigh. Darn pregnancy hormones.

How do you ladies do this?!


  1. Perhaps you can try wearing jubah/dress as it would eliminate the need for maternity pants (that cost hundreds -.-) or elastic waist pants, because, well, there's no waist.

    1. HAHA Anon, I'm actually wearing my old jubah for the first time today XD Got frustrated last night thnking what to wear, and decided to wear jubah je today. Feels so goooood. Haha.



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