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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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my first maternity jeans

To all preggers…

Stop what you’re doing, take your car keys and go to H&M Avenue K (and some other H&M outlets, we’ll get back on this)

Because you NEED this piece of jeans in your closet.

Being the ignorant and perasan person that I am, I used to refuse buying maternity jeans or pants because..let’s face it, they’re so ugly when you’re peeking in the underneath. Imagine without the top, they look horrible – especially the tummy part.

But little did I know, the ugly part is the one thing that saves my life from suffering another uncomfortable bottoms experience -_- And because I have too many jeans accumulated somewhere in the wardrobe and in the other room’s closet and suitcases, I tried not to spend anymore penny on a pair of jeans that I know I’d only wear during this stage of my life.

But when you’re pregnant, being comfortable is key to your everyday happiness. Hormones have played their role in your life, it’s  time to let your inner voice do the talking.

And at this moment, my inner voice is praising me for getting these jeans. Saved my sanity at 6 months pregnant!

The miracle thing? The jeans actually makes my bump looks..smaller. I don’t know how it works, but it sure has that effect on me (at least) – because during work days, my officemate keeps noticing my bump “whoa how many months has it been already?!” but during weekends when I’m wearing the jeans, the bump somehow looks smaller or less visible.

The only thing that bugs me is, I wish it wasn't skinny jeans T.T I wanted a straight cut instead but they've run out of my size sobs. So if you'd rather go for straight cut, ask if they have your size. For this skinny jeans I opted for a size up than my regular (24) so that it won't be too fit.

Think I'd have to live with this for now.

Last weekend, I wore the jeans for 3 consecutive days and the husband didn’t say a word.

Disgusting, but I’m pretty sure at this point he’s all

“whatever makes you happy, sayang”

Get. These. Jeans. Now.

P/S : I think only selected H&M outlets carry maternity line - as far as I know, H&M Avenue K and One Utama carry this line. Not sure about other outlets, so best for you to check with them if you want to confirm.


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