my own caramel pudding

Entering second trimester now, and you know what I’ve been craving for?

Caramel pudding. Bloody caramel pudding, day and night.

To think about it, I first bugged my mom to make it for me when I first found out I was pregnant – but I brushed it off thinking it couldn’t be some sort of craving. It’d go away once I ate it, I thought. So mom Youtube-d (yes she hardly bakes any cake all the time I was growing up, one trait I think I inherited from her – our hate for baking) and made me one. It wasn’t that good haha (she used condensed milk so it was crazy manis)

But no. It didn’t go away. Nowadays, I feel so bad to ask Shahrul to buy it for me (kept asking him to get me this chocolate cheese cake his colleague made until we I can barely finish it anymore – it has now resided in the fridge, half-eaten) so last weekend I figured..

Maybe I should learn to make one.


Google-d “caramel pudding microwave” because we don’t have the periuk kukus thing/I was too lazy to look for it, and turned out there IS such thing!

So I made my own caramel pudding..using the microwave. It was mind boggling how simple it is, and yet people still don’t know how to make it i.e people like me -_-

Ingredients (for a mug) :

1 egg
130 ml of fresh milk
Sugar (total of 3 tablespoons)

Steps :

Put 1 tablespoon of sugar in the mug, and half teaspoon of water
Put in the microwave, set at 600 W for 1 minute (if after 1 min the sugar still hasn’t melted, go a bit longer. But be careful not to burn it)
Put a bit more water to caramel (it should look brownish by now) and let it crystallize for a bit
In a bowl, pukul telur until soft and add 2 tablespoons of sugar. Add milk while stirring evenly
Pour the egg mixture into the mug with the caramel. Without mixing them, microwave at 600 W for 2 minutes
Take out the mug, cover the top with a plastic cover and let it sit for the heat to be absorbed. After it’s cooled, put it away in the fridge to get it chilled and gelled
After a while (when it’s chilled), take the mug out and pour it on a plate. It’d look like this :

The first picture is actually my first attempt – which Shahrul commented,

“Hmm maybe you should put more sugar”


So OK, I made the second batch using more sugar. That was when I realized..I actually used teaspoon instead of tablespoon FML T.T No wonder tak manis!

So second try (the second picture) turned out better. Well, great for my standard, at least – fulfilled my cravings for now, and saves my husband a few bucks and sweats from having to make a trip to the bakery 😂

Recipe reference here.

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