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So as you’ve probably known, I had a little drama a few months ago with my right eye. I was warded for a few days due to corneal ulcer – a condition where ulcers developed inside the cornea of the eyes and requires antibiotics to help combat the infection.

After being warded, I had to go for follow-ups with the doctor who treated my eyes. After a few sessions, I made up my mind to take the bold step – to undergo the LASIK procedure, and finally obtain my normal eyesight back, after being rabun for more than 10 years.

The doctor said I had to wait at least 2-3 months until my eyes are completely healed from the ulcer. So every time I went to see her, I’d ask if my eyes are well enough to do the LASIK.

So couldn’t wait to get rid of the contact lenses/glasses!

After a few more check-ups, she gave the green light and scheduled a date for the procedure.

Basically I was required to pre-LASIK eye assessment first to check the condition of my eyes whether they’re suitable or not (yes to do LASIK, your eyes need to be compatible – something to do with eye pressure), and then if the result is positive, go for the second procedure on another date for the LASIK itself.

The first eye assessment was scheduled a few days after I came back from a training I had in Malacca, a few months ago. On the said day, I was excited - the LASIK will be just the following week, and then I’ll have a brand new eyesights!

Bye bye glasses and lenses.

So. The doctor checked my eyes and performed the assessment (from what I read, it’s a long and lengthy process where your eyes would be dilated and you’d require assistance but in my case, it was simpler not sure why) and told me that my eyes are good to go for the procedure.

And then I remembered something.

“Doctor, actually I just found out last week that I’m 5 weeks pregnant. It’s OK right? The LASIK won’t affect my pregnancy?”

Oh I still remember the pain I felt in my heart when the doctor told me this.

“What? Oh no, you should not do LASIK while pregnant. In fact we are not allowed to carry out the procedure if the patient is pregnant. Sorry, we’d have to wait until you deliver”

Dumbfounded, I asked her again and again on the reasonings – why, but I’m only 5 weeks pregnant? I read online that it’s only not advisable but still can? Maybe 5 weeks is too early, is it something to do with pregnancy hormones?

“When you’re pregnant, your hormones are imbalanced. In fact, the early stage of pregnancy is when the hormones are imbalanced the most – so this will result in different level of fluid content in your body. The procedure will have to determine the correct fluid level of your eyes in order to determine the correct depth of the laser treatment”

In other words, even if I went through the procedure anyway, the LASIK will not be successful and I will end up not getting the vision correction I wanted😞. I’d have to wait until I deliver (in about 4 months) and after I’ve stopped breastfeeding..

Which I plan to do at least for a year.

So I went home that day..with new boxes of contact lenses.

Sigh. So close.


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