Last day at The Smokehouse Hotel

If you asked me, what I loved the most about this hotel?

I wouldn't know what to say. I loved EVERYTHING!

Took a lot of pictures while we were there, but I don't think they do the place justice.

View outside our room.

The whole place wasn't that huge (compared to other hotels, this one is pretty small) but they made sure everything is well taken care of. We saw some staff watering the plants, the flowers, even cleaning the fountain area at several times during the day.

Explains why this place is high-rated in the community.

The garden

The view at one part of the garden.

I wish we could walk here the whole day. The cold weather reminded me of Japan (exaggerated a bit of course, Japan is way colder) but you can't find this in any part of KL sobs.

Inside main building

The view inside the main building, which consist of reception area (you'd see it as soon as you step on the door), dining area, and resting area for guests. If you were there, I'd recommend to explore every inch of the building - the stairs, the teacups, the fireplace, everything. It's a place of wonders.

When I'm old and wrinkled, I'd like to have one of these so that I can age happily.

The scones

And the scones..they're probably the best one I've ever tried.

On our last day, during breakfast I asked if I could have the scones. Was about to taste the legendary scones for the first time, of course I was excited. Then the waiter replied,

"Oh sorry mam, we only serve scones in the evening during tea break"

I was stunned. Dude, I didn't spend torturous 5-hour journey up to this hill just to leave without the scones!

Looking at my face, he then offered,

"...uhh but if you want, I can serve the scones to you. Please wait OK"

Sigh. God bless you, dear waiter.

Stuffed my face with the scones (which was so sedap writing this makes me craving for it T.T) and walked around the place with Rayyan and Shahrul, and I was practically the happiest girl on earth.


Took more pictures using my phone, for memories sake.

Rayyan took his first few steps there!

So glad we chose this place to celebrate Rayyan's first birthday. No actually, I was the one who chose. *pats back XD

Looking forward to our next trip!

The Smokehouse Hotel
By The Golf Course,
Tanah Rata,
Cameron Highlands

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  1. Hi Nurul! I got it from Zara long time ago :) yess they're so comfy.



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