WIWT : Mimpikita multi-way cardigan

A while ago, I bought this cardigan before the trip to JB. Thought I have so many work tops that flexible enough to be worn during outings, but less..casual. I don't have any jumpers, or knit tops, or just plain old cotton shirt to throw on; most of the tops I own are either formal enough for work and colorful enough for weekends.

With Rayyan on my arms, I really didn't want to take any chances. The thought of Rayyan's pasta spilling over my white chiffon top.. T.T

So I got this multi-way cardigan from Mimpikita.

And I was instantly reminded of why I love the brand in the first place.

It's so versatile that I can style it in different ways (see the tutorial here). It's made of cotton so it's so comfy! Loose enough to be worn over a skirt and a sleeveless top.

Wore the cardigan and Almond Mylk georgette dUCkscarves.

Took this one day when I was about to out to the post office. Didn't have to recheck if my top is wrinkled prior to stepping out of the car, for once.

I love!


  1. the cardigan is versatile alright but unfortunately, sorry hun, u cant seem to pull it off. i think a nice wrap cardigan is a more suitable fit for you.

    1. Hi Anonymous, thank you for your comment :) Will keep that in mind.



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