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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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my flirting phone case

Was looking forward to this week, because :

+ my pre-assessment scheduled on Friday
+ my new employment letter (which basically tells me if I'm still employed or not) is scheduled this week
+ this package from overseas scheduled to arrive!

If you asked me, I'm more thrilled about the last one lol.

Because..this arrived in the mail.

I've been eye-ing this Chiara Ferragni flirting iPhone case for a few months now (The Blonde Salad has her own line, have you heard?). Even bought a lookalike a while back, because the original version needs to be shipped from the US. Since the picture looks convincing enough, I bought it for just RM30.

Worst decision ever. Used it for a few days until the color faded, even the glitters. And it doesn't even look like the original :(

After contemplating, I pulled the plug. carries her line and they had an offer on shipping, so after 4 days, this arrived for me.


Look at that glitter. And the immaculate attention to detail. EVERYTHING!

I'm loving my phone even more now.

Lessons learned :

Never buy fakes. Ever.
Do research prior to purchase - compare shipping rates!
There's always a first time for everything (in this case, using - I realize that they're pretty reliable)

Also realized that shopping IS my therapy - my shopping habit rate increase proportionally to the amount of stress I have at the moment. As for this damage, it's studying. I tend to shop when I'm stressed.

Now that I'm done with the pre-assessment (and PASSED YAY) and gotten the employment letter today, let's see if the trend sticks. Or not.


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