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OWL glasses

A few months ago, I had an itch to get new glasses. The last time I got one was back in Nihon - in 2009.

Been using the same one for ages! If someone asks, I'd tell them my power doesn't change because I wear contact lenses 24/7 - and I don't feel like they do, anyhow. Have always bought the same lenses in the same power, same brand, same color.

(I have nothing against change, I'm just such a loyal user. Hehe.)

Well..I was wrong. Got my eyes checked at OWL shop in IOI City Mall, and my power has increased by a 0.5 T.T

It might not be as much compared to other people, but since my power is already so high, every point counts. Sobs.

So I made a new glasses. There's a reason I was drawn to OWL - they have such a wide collection, even appropriately named for each character. For instance, if you're looking for a rebel vibe, there's a specific collection named Rebel for you to suit your preference. Others includes Executive (for professional look, I guess), Weekender and Fashionista.

Their tagline?

You can have a full wardrobe of clothes and shoes, why not for eyewear?

I like them already XD

Finally decided to get one from their Rebel line. It's in matte and very low maintenance; it doesn't really feel like wearing glasses because it's so ringan! Posted on Instagram and so far everyone has been saying how different the design is from my previous ones, which is quite cool. Change is good, after all.

The first night I wore this, I was nervous to show the husband. I mean, it's so not like me T.T

Then, he saw me. Gave me this who-the-hell-are-you look.

And started speaking gibberish in Korean.


"What? You look Korean!"



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