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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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Random stuff on my office desk

Found these pictures in my old abandoned drafts. Pictures of random stuff I put on my office desk, before we had to start WFH due to Covid-19. Of course, these stuff have now safely hidden in my drawers - I cleared most of the stuff before we started WFH so finding these pictures in my draft is bringing me back to those times pre-Covid!

Such memories. Felt like so long ago, being confined in my work cubicle doing my own work 9 to 5.

I put this farewell notes from my degree labmates and lecturers back in Nihon, because they wrote such sweet messages for me haha. If you understand nihongo you can read them - so sweet I can't even. But Japanese are always so teinei anyway. Missing them a little bit more these days.

A photo frame of my wedding day next to small drawers I got from Index Living Mall. To be reminded of my happiest day in the middle of stressful working day?

The many many postcards I received from friends and some from my travelling days. The Instax photo taken when I just started working and husband (then boyfriend) came back from Nihon to spend his summer holiday with me. The Instax photo of me and my mom when I came home after I just started working at my late Atok's house. And the Hard Rock teddy bear my then boyfriend got me from his place, Fukuoka. 

A printed "Living with A Chronic Bitch Face" cos I relate to it so well (especially at the office lol)

A small glass jar, our wedding souvenirs to the guests during our solemnization in Penang. A matcha tea bag, souvenir from a colleague from his Japan business trip. A plastic bag of Marks & Spencer food - biscuits, chocolates - cos I used to love buying them whenever they have sale going on. Their food is legendary. Some lanyards I got from the many corporate events I had to attend back in the days. My favorite L'Occitane hand cream which I used so frequently I finished so many tubs already. Loved the smell so much I buy their shower oil and scrubs too. Also a koala, a souvenir from a colleague.

Back then we had this tradition of buying each other souvenirs and gifts from our trips. Felt like such a long time ago.

Now I miss the office a little bit more. But I have actually came around to WFH these days due to the flexibility - less commute, less tiring. Will we ever be able to go back to office?


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